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Friday, September 16, 2011

One Fought Back

You made your accusations
and were proven wrong.
What is going to be your
next sad song?

You have cried wolf
one too many times to believe.
Maybe, you should
just shut up and leave.

Your every word
has turned out a lie.
You seek pleasure
in the assumption they'd cry.

You tried to slander
My good name.
Did you do it in hopes that you
would have something to gain?

Well this time
one person fought back.
Defended their honor
a characteristic you truly lack.

What do you say now?
Who will your next victim be?
I guess we all will have to
Just wait and see.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Winds of Change

Winds of change
Have blown my way
Life as we know it
Shall change today

The seasons are turning
As they open new doors
Showing me opportunities
That had not been there before

A new life awaits
For my daughter, husband, and me
As long as we work at it
We are bound to succeed

Teaching me to
Let go of the past
Yet to be careful to
Not go too fast

For if I try to speed
Through my journey
I might miss out
On things I should be learning

Saturday, September 10, 2011

9-11 Tribute

This is a tribute
To those who lost their lives
They were mother, father
sons, daughters, husbands, and wives

The towers fell
10 years ago
For the pain that day left
We shall always know

September 11, 2001
The world stopped turning
For an instant in time
That terrifying morning

The families watched
For survivors and prayed
Their loved one may have been
One of the few to be saved

Too many lives lost
When the towers fell
Leaving Americans everywhere
To hurt like hell

There still was some good
That would come out of that tragic day
Our Whitehouse was saved
Because a plane full of heros gave their lives away

America bonded
Over this tragic loss
We became united
Though it came with a very high cost

Fire fighters, police,
Citizens and soldiers too
Banded together to try to save
At least a few

Lives were lost
American grew united again
So this September 11
Make sure to remember those heros along with your friends

Thursday, September 8, 2011

To My Husband

Kiss me
Let me know you care
Hug me
Let me know you're there

Love me
As only you can do
Care for me
And I will always love you

Speak to me
In loving words so true
Listen to me
As I will always listen to you

Love me forever
Please never go away
For I will love tomorrow
Twice as much as I did today

I love you
More with each and every day
I hope you always have happines
And will always want to stay

You are my husband
And my best friend
I was lucky enough to find true love
And I hope it never ends


Sunday, September 4, 2011

To All the Local Plagairists

To all the local plagairists
I dare you to copy this
For if you do I swear to you
You will be found and rightfully dismissed

For in this poem
I shall leave clues
To let them know who
Wrote the words you use

For Theresa Johnson
Is my name
Writing poetry
Is my game

My Poetic Heart
A blog of mine
On that page
A poem you will find

The poem is a letter
I had chosen to write
To all the local plagairists
I guess I might just win this fight.

Friday, September 2, 2011

My Love for You

Fire burning
In my soul
My love  for you
Beyond all control

I want to feel
Our bodies collide
I want to show
My softer side

I want us to
Enjoy each other's touch
I want to let you know
I love you so much

I love your joking
And funny ways
MY love will continue
To grow always

Kiss me now
And hold me too
Most of all
Know how much I love you.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Swelling up inside
A fury that
I long to hide

Raging through
My broken core
It will be contained
No more

A fire raging
Beyond control
This feeling
Engulfs my soul

For you have brought
This upon yourself
You are to blame
And no one else

You lying words
Brought upon this wrath
I think it is about time
For you to choose a new life's path

For if you do not
I will tell this to you
The wrath of hell
Will rain down upon you

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Prince's Journey

Dragons flying
Through the night
Little princes running
In pure delight

Chasing after dragons
As Little boys so often do
Never catching them
Since that would be cruel

Fighting to save
Little princesses in towers
Battling ogres and orcs
Just to pass a few hours

Capturing monsters
To train them as pets
These are the treasures
They will not soon forget

They will sail the seas
And chase the dragons away
When the sun comes up
They will wake up and play

For that is the prince’s journey
Not just any old prince will do
This journey takes a special prince
And only you will do.

Monday, August 22, 2011

My Dismay

My friends are long gone
Having went their own way
Who would want me
In all of my dismay

I have ran them off
Once again alone
Wondering if
I will ever find home

I walk the earth
With satchel in hand
Taking the path
The has been left unmanned

I creep further through
My own personal hell
Knowing in my heart
Only sorrows dwells

Fearing the chance
Of just trying again
Feeling love is a battle
I will never win

How can I make another happy
While I am fighting back tears
How can I make someone stay
When all I cause is fear

How can I make
Someone learn to care
When in their heart
love is no longer there

Infernal Hell

My voice has been lost
Amongst the shadows that dwell
Leaving me stuck
In this infernal hell.

I want to scream
I want to cry
I want to not feel the pain
I can not lie.

It hurts too much
To see it crashing down
Watching as the ones I love
Start to drown

I watch as everything I love
Disappears from view
Realizing that now
There is nothing more to do

Realizing that change
should have happened long ago.
I did not change soon enough
So the tears can start to flow

Nothing More to Say

Too many tears
I have cried
Leaving me
Broken inside

Wanting to scream
Afraid they will hear
Wanting to hide
Afraid to show fear

Needing a friend
Not knowing where to go
Afraid of looking foolish
Not wanting to let it show

Fear overcomes
Life wastes away
Leaving my with
Nothing more to say

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Time for School

The time has come
Once again my friend.
This is the time for school to start.
Time for summer to end.

Kids all crying,
not wantign to go to school.
They tell us we're mean.
They cry that we're cruel.

The cling to you
proclaiming that they will be good.
but in the back of your mind,
you knew they never could.

As the busses all come
and start to take kids away,
the parents remember that
Now it is our turn to play.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Deadly Brew

Belladonna, larkspur
And Wolfsbane too
Time for mixing
 a deadly brew.

Ivy and hemlock
for an extra kick
Gauranteed to make
He who drinks it deathly sick.

Poisons, poisons
enough to share
The local garden center
can create a true despair

Becareful, though,
as you mix your brew.
For what you do,
might just come back to haunt you.

Broken Wings

My broken wings
leave me nowhere to fly.
My broken spirit
leaving me here to cry.

My tears falling
like ravenous waves
upon a beaten shore.
The battle scars left unhealed
Forever more.

For my wounds
shall never heal.
My life full
of these pains that I feel.

For the broken heart
shall never again mend.
It brings a once happy existence
to a bitter and sorrowful end.

The broken wings
keep a sparrow from flight,
leaving her in tears
each and every night.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Soldiers

Blood has spilled
on this night.
Corpses are the only thing
Visible by the moon's light.

The war was said to be over
They were coming home soon
Yet the fighting keep coming
In the dark of the moon.

The ground that surrounds them
has been painted red.
Here in the desert
Too many are dead.

They said they'd come home
They would leave that place soon
Yet the fighting kept going
By the light of the moon.

The fighting waged on
until all of them had died.
Not a single one came home
Only families left behind to cry.

For this was a police action
At least the government says
To me it is still war
For we face the same regrets.

We watch loved one
and wait to here the news.
This is just my opinion,
We all have our own views.

The men and women that fight for us
Have given us that.
They place their lives on the line
which is a gift that can not be given back.

So cherish that gift.
Teach other to do the same
Cherish those who lives it cost
Take the time to learn their name.

Let our soldier know
We remember why they are there.
Send a shoebox of goodies
or just a note to show you care.

To My Daughter

My darling daughter
You came into my life
And turned it upside-down
You showed me the beauty
that was hidden all around.

You taught me to laugh again
when all I remembered was how to cry.
You were the strength I needed
You helped my survive.

You are my inspiration
My muse and my friend
I will always be there for you
A mother's love knows no end.

The Greatest Need

A pen in hand.
A tear in my eye.
On the paper are
the feelings I hide.

A human by nature.
A poet by choice.
Yet the world pretends,
I have no voice.

I write how I feel,
because nobody else will.
I write from the heart,
on the pages I fill.

When reading my poems
You will find the life that I lead.
You will see a girl that knows
love is the greatest need.