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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Deadly Brew

Belladonna, larkspur
And Wolfsbane too
Time for mixing
 a deadly brew.

Ivy and hemlock
for an extra kick
Gauranteed to make
He who drinks it deathly sick.

Poisons, poisons
enough to share
The local garden center
can create a true despair

Becareful, though,
as you mix your brew.
For what you do,
might just come back to haunt you.

Broken Wings

My broken wings
leave me nowhere to fly.
My broken spirit
leaving me here to cry.

My tears falling
like ravenous waves
upon a beaten shore.
The battle scars left unhealed
Forever more.

For my wounds
shall never heal.
My life full
of these pains that I feel.

For the broken heart
shall never again mend.
It brings a once happy existence
to a bitter and sorrowful end.

The broken wings
keep a sparrow from flight,
leaving her in tears
each and every night.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Soldiers

Blood has spilled
on this night.
Corpses are the only thing
Visible by the moon's light.

The war was said to be over
They were coming home soon
Yet the fighting keep coming
In the dark of the moon.

The ground that surrounds them
has been painted red.
Here in the desert
Too many are dead.

They said they'd come home
They would leave that place soon
Yet the fighting kept going
By the light of the moon.

The fighting waged on
until all of them had died.
Not a single one came home
Only families left behind to cry.

For this was a police action
At least the government says
To me it is still war
For we face the same regrets.

We watch loved one
and wait to here the news.
This is just my opinion,
We all have our own views.

The men and women that fight for us
Have given us that.
They place their lives on the line
which is a gift that can not be given back.

So cherish that gift.
Teach other to do the same
Cherish those who lives it cost
Take the time to learn their name.

Let our soldier know
We remember why they are there.
Send a shoebox of goodies
or just a note to show you care.

To My Daughter

My darling daughter
You came into my life
And turned it upside-down
You showed me the beauty
that was hidden all around.

You taught me to laugh again
when all I remembered was how to cry.
You were the strength I needed
You helped my survive.

You are my inspiration
My muse and my friend
I will always be there for you
A mother's love knows no end.

The Greatest Need

A pen in hand.
A tear in my eye.
On the paper are
the feelings I hide.

A human by nature.
A poet by choice.
Yet the world pretends,
I have no voice.

I write how I feel,
because nobody else will.
I write from the heart,
on the pages I fill.

When reading my poems
You will find the life that I lead.
You will see a girl that knows
love is the greatest need.